Psyfuck (Carey / Hanusa, 2006)

After the desert wars of the early 21st century, the United States turned to itself for conflict once again. The Gay and Lesbian marriage debate finally escalated into the second U.S. civil war. On the one side were the Promos (pro-homos) and on the other were the Redumpers (red neck-bible thumpers). Unfortunately the Redumpers vastly outnumbered the Promos and quickly ended the war with much bloodshed. Laws were made to ban all homosexual activity in the United States.

In one last act of defiance, the Promos contaminated the country’s supply of light beer with radioactive powder.

The radioactive powder caused the genitals of men and women everywhere to shrivel rendering them useless. In turn their urine contaminated the ground water supply, which spread the epidemic on a massive scale. Without reproduction the human race began teetering on a very close edge toward extinction. The powder also created heightened telepathic ability in those affected. They used this ability to replace the sexual pleasure they had lost. The ability to achieve the highest forms of sexual climax became known as a…



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