Swamphead, Oshkosh Horror Fest, and Sleepless Nights: Revisiting the Slumber Party Massacres

So this will kind of be a triple post.  Haven’t really updated this in a little bit because we have all been very busy as of late. So lets get you up to date why don’t we!!!


Justin Propp and Jess Ader have been writing and shooting pick up shots and a whole new scene for Swamphead in the last two weeks.  Very excited to get more Swamphead shots to toss into the film.  The new scene that has been written is sure to be up everyones alley as it involves Swamphead, sex, and head.  That is all I can say, you fill in the blanks.  Hoping to get that shot soon and then we can move on to finalizing the cut.  Keep tuned everyone!!!  Swamphead hopefully will be ready for you in the next 6-7 months if everything works out.  Can’t wait.

Oshkosh Horror Fest

Today, as you all should have known, was the Oshkosh Horror film festival in downtown Oshkosh at the Times Theater.  Great event that had a solid turn out of people very into all the films.  It was great chatting with all the fans and other filmmakers there.  Nothing like an independent horror crowd. Just there to have fun and enjoy death and dismemberment.  Between Fathers and Sons screened well and I thank all the people that came up and chatted to me about it.  You were all very kind and I am glad you liked it. Hopefully next year you will see Swamphead.  We’ll cross our fingers that this will happen.

If anyone wants a copy of the DVD, please contact me through our email rabidchildfilms@gmail.com . It includes the Film, behind the scenes, production stills with the entire soundtrack played over top, and directors commentary.  If you want it and live in the area, Fox Valley, I will personally get it to you.  If you live elsewhere we’ll figure something out.  I have about 15 copies left.

I will get that out to you.  Otherwise you can watch it on our vimeo page here: Between Fathers and Sons

My main highlight had to be meeting Writer/Director/Editor of the insanely fun flicks Incest Death Squad 1/2, Cory Udler.  If any of you get the chance to see these movies or are lucky enough to meet Cory, by all means do so.  They are everything that we here at Rabid Child Films aim to bring; entertainment, death, dismemberment, boobs, skull fucking, manboy balls, more boobs, and good music. Great films!!!!

Again, major thanks to John Pata and Oshkosh Horror for putting on the festival and having us.  It was a good time and always great to see local horror getting a chance to be shown in this complete cinema wasteland of northeastern Wisconsin.  Looking forward to the next one!!!

Sleepless Nights: Revisiting the Slumber Party Massacres

Well, the time finally came.  The Slumber Party Massacre Collection finally was released and I have it in my grips!!! I thank Jason Paul Collum for my beautiful copy and the chance he gave me to be involved in such a great horror geek project.  Very proud of the work we did here.  Seems to be getting received pretty well by the fans, and that is all that matters as that is who it was made for.  Such a good feeling.

Wanna hear a fun little blurb from AV Maniacs about the doc?  Here you go:

Here’s where this set really shines. The biggest and best of the extras is an all new feature length documentary on the making of all three films in the series entitled Sleepless Nights: Revisiting The Slumber Party Massacre (60:40). Affectionately done, this documentary interviews all three directors – Amy Jones, Deborah Brock and Sally Mattison – each of whom shares some interesting stories about working with Roger Corman and some of tactics. There are also a load of cast members included here, each of whom has a story to tell about being involved with the film. We also get some interesting fan footage of some of the locations used in the movie and we learn what happened to the drill guitar used in the second film. The documentary has a good sense of humor about it, never taking things too seriously but at the same time taking them just seriously enough and anyone with a passing interesting in the series will enjoy sitting down and watching this one from start to finish.

Great stuff.  Here is the link for the whole review: Slumber Party Massacre Collection

Also, here are some clips that Shout posted on Dread Central from our doc:

So hows that for an update!!!  Chat soon!



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