Between Fathers and Sons (2008)

A short film centered on a man, who while at a cabin he grew up visiting becomes consumed by the past and times spent with his father.

Filmed October 2008 in Couderay, WI

Jon – Jon Hanusa
Jake – Mike Van Ryzin
Joey – Jacob Meyer
Claire – Michelle Wilz

Writer, director, editor, sound design: Derrick Carey
Producers: Mark Kuman, Josh Balthazor
Assistant Director: Josh Balthazor
Director of Photography: Adam Haas
Grip: Cory Reed, John Callari
Sound recordists: Jonathan Brandt, Mark Kuman
Assistant Editor: Jonathan Brandt 


2 Responses to “Between Fathers and Sons (2008)”

  1. Jason Raymaker Says:

    I was wondering if you were looking for actors at all to be in your films. I have some training and have been looking in Wisconsin to do some more film acting but haven’t found much until I stumbled on your page.

    • Well, we are currently rapping up post on 2 films, Swamphead and Screaming in High Heels. We don’t have another film immediately lined up, but there may be another one on the horizon.

      Send us a head shot, any clips of work you’ve done, or links to work you’ve done and we’ll keep you on file when we have something new coming up! Email:

      Thanks so much for contacting us, hope you enjoy what you see here. Hope chat sometime.

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