Scream Queen Marathon is done!

Wow.  After a month of watching nothing but Scream Queen movies, I can finally say we have gone through and digitized all the clips we want included. Does that mean we’ll be able to use them all?  Absolutely not.  But Jason is working on it.  🙂

Here’s the complete list of films we may possibly use for Screaming in High Heels:

  1. Alien Dead
  2. Assault of the Killer Bimbos
  3. Assault of the Party Nerds
  4. Beach Babes from Beyond
  5. Blood Feast
  6. Bad Girls from Mars
  7. Beverly Hills Girls
  8. Bleed
  9. Blood on the Backlot
  10. Blood Reaper
  11. Chick Boxer
  12. Creepozoids
  13. Cyberzone
  14. Deadly Embrace
  15. Demon Lust
  16. Dr. Alien
  17. Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots
  18. Evil Spawn
  19. Evil Toons
  20. Fairy Tales
  21. Grandmother’s House
  22. The Girl I Want
  23. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
  24. Haunting Fear
  25. Horrorvision
  26. Heavy Petting Detective: Assault of the Party Nerds 2
  27. Hybrid
  28. Jack-o
  29. Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout
  30. Masuesse
  31. Mob Boss
  32. Mommy
  33. Mommy 2
  34. Mark of the Astro Zombies
  35. Attack of the Mushroom People
  36. Murder Weapon
  37. Night of the Demons
  38. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
  39. Nightmare Sisters
  40. Psychos from Texas
  41. Pumpkinhead 2
  42. Robot Ninja
  43. Return of the Living Dead
  44. Sorority Babes and the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama
  45. Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
  46. Sideshow
  47. Silent Night, Deadly Night
  48. Soul Survivor
  49. Spirits
  50. Slumber Party Massacre
  51. Scream Queen Hot Tub Party
  52. Savage Streets
  53. Teenage Exocist
  54. The Tomb
  55. The Dwelling
  56. Tomboy
  57. Treasure of the Moon Goddess
  58. Virgin High
  59. Video Violence
  60. Vampire Vixens from Venus
  61. Witch Academy
  62. Witchouse 3
  63. Witchtrap
  64. Young Warriors
  65. Zyzak is King

Now that is fucking epic!!!  Now we can move on to the edit full tilt. That isn’t even including all the TV Spots, interviews, and other rare footage that we are including!!!


4 Responses to “Scream Queen Marathon is done!”

  1. The 1st time I met Linnea at a horror con she denied starring in BEVERLY HILLS GIRLS–go figure!

    • Well luckily for her it is a fairly hard to find obscure entry in her catalogue. Those that wanna find it will, but I don’t think she has to worry about that coming back to haunt her anymore. The version I saw looked terrible. – Derrick

  2. Pretty sure I’ve seen all but about 8 of those films. Screaming in High Heels was great, brought back so many memories from my youth. Now, I have movies to re-watch.

  3. Ha ha. Like i said at the festival, it’s too bad more people can’t see Nightmare Sisters. That film needs a proper release. Here’s to hoping we can help that actually happen with our documentary. Jason feels it’s the best thing he is done so far and is very proud of it, along with all the girls and directors. Glad you liked the doc!

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