Swamphead reviewmageddon!!

Ian Simmons from Kicking the Seat (kickseat.com) didn’t enjoy the SWAMPHEAD.  Hear about how the film ruined his morning.


…(Drover and Propp) seem gleeful in giving the middle finger to political correctness–that crazy social evil that prevents us from calling people “retards” or building “funny” scenes around wiping chunks of red-brown feces out of a troubled young man’s ass crack (with attendant fart sounds, of course). Sometimes, I can let stuff like this go, but there’s so much of this humor in Swamphead that it crosses the bounds of off-color, good-natured ribbing into blatant antagonism.

In its overtly raunchy characters, juvenile and disgusting scenarios, and free-form structure, Swamphead is to 1980s horror nostalgia what talk of tie-dyed shirts is to discussions of 1960s politics–a surface-level analysis that has nothing to do with the truth.

…a well-made but utterly unwatchable exploitation throwback

Read on, but of course pick up a copy of the limited edition VHS and decide for yourself!

Buy Swamphead HERE!


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